Boulèvar exists to transcend the future in fashion, providing you with a unique product to match your individuality and ambition.

We recognise the importance of creating a sustainable planet and providing support to those in need where we can. Our main priority is to provide quality products for our customers, whilst building greater awareness for the environment around us.

As a result, we are formally engaging with organisations who embody and share the same values as the team at Boulèvar. We are excited to announce the following partnerships :)



Boulèvar is pleased to be teaming up with MindfullAus by funding and investing in programs that have a forward-thinking approach to mental health and are committed to improving individual’s lives.

MindfullAus was founded in early 2016 as an Australian non-profit Mental Health & Wellbeing foundation with the Australian Charities & Commission Board.

The MindfullAus purpose is to bring education and a greater understanding towards the mental health landscape across our society.

Equipping individuals and communities with the tools and strategies to nurture themselves and others around them dealing with mental health issues is super important.

MindfullAus provides truly impactful programs that build stronger community connections through more resilient and well-rounded individuals.

 Specific programs include:

  • The Healthier Hearts program working with early childhood age groups.
  • MHFA & YMHFA: These are nationally accredited courses, equipping community members with tools and strategies whenever a poor mental health situation arises for them or other individuals they can help.
  • The Blueprint to Wellness workshop: tailored to the adolescent age groups and young adults, primarily talking about mental health and personal self-efficacy. This is delivered in schools sports clubs, corporations etc.
  • Speaking seminars and Community events are also a feature, which have been conducted in over 38 states and 3 countries for several years.

A 10% donation from every purchase will be assisting the running of the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course, but more importantly investing into a better community around us.

The power is in your hands. Help make an impact now!

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So They Can is a non-profit organisation founded in Australia and New Zealand who work in Africa to support vulnerable communities through the development and funding of projects supporting education, child wellbeing and women empowerment.

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world and is fast becoming a serious health threat within Africa – especially in the regions of Kenya and Tanzania. As a result, So They Can is doing everything possible to mitigate the severity of widespread infection through safe community education sessions and the production and distribution of facemasks.

In collaboration - Sew Women Can is an initiative established to support local women in creating garments and products for the local and broader community. Their task now requires them to madly sew masks for their communities in this time of crisis.

  • Masks cost $2.50 to purchase
  • Failure to wear masks in these regions will result in a fine of $350 or up to 6 months imprisonment
  • This was enforced by the Kenyan Government and the Tanzanian government will seemingly follow suite

We have the power to change the lives of many and potentially save the lives of individuals at serious risk of contracting COVID-19. 

As a result 10% of all purchases for the month of June will go towards funding the creation of masks to help protect citizens in these local communities.

If we choose to act and invest into a better future for these communities, we are investing into a better world for us all. 

#togetherwecan #powertochange


We are super excited to announce our partnership with @flyintojuly this year – an Australian charity and month-long active stepping challenge that supports charitable causes to increase funding, awareness and inclusion.

Registrations for Fly Into July 2020 are now open! The challenge runs from the 1st of July for the entirety of the month.

You can participate on your own terms, whether it’s setting simple goals to be more active, focusing on rehabilitation through movement or taking more steps than anyone, this challenge is for everyone! 

Fly into July (FIJ) aims to:

  • Get people moving and promote healthy living
  • Creates social interaction and connection through teaming up of participants
  • Raise awareness and provide a donation for each supported charity

Some easy simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Register before the 1st of July ($31 – a dollar a day and $16 of this amount goes to a charity supported by FIJ of the participants choice
  • Spread the word! A little friendly competition goes a long way

Here at Boulèvar we are strong advocates for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are delighted to be offering our support to an organisation that promotes our shared values.

Check out @flyintojuly or head to their website for more information.

The power is in your hands. Help make an impact now!